Design responsive & compatible websites in minutes with flexible UI library.


PixelzUI is the very flexible front-end framework for web designers. It helps to design beautiful, responsive and compatible web pages, websites, web apps, templates and emails that look amazing on all devices, medium and accessibility. It is simple, readable, easy to use and completely customizable using editor option. It has many CSS & JS/JQuery components and modules with lots of features in it. PixelzUI has many HTML pages/templates to help get you started! We’re constantly adding new components, modules and pages including their code snippets. Your support will bring more and more attractive features in PixelzUI.


PixelzUI is the #1 choice for web designers, developers and end users.


It provides fully responsive CSS and JS components for web designers. It helps in automatically resize, hide, shrink, or enlarge a website to make it look best on all devices (desktops, tablets, and phones). It have components based on colors, size and styles(Square, semi-rounded and rounded).


It is easily modifyable due to editor option in each UI components. You can edit and copy HTML code along with CSS classes of specific component on the fly. Editor panel helps you to customize your component, module or page to include or remove certain HTML elements and CSS classes. It helps you to include different colors, grids, fonts and much more.


It has detailed information about each UI component providing introduction, types, classes, demo and editing. It also provides how to use these classes in HTML-DOM. Each UI component has different classes to use in your module, page or template. Each UI component is compatible on cross browsers.


It is very easy to use providing primary (basic) UI components (CSS + JS). In second step, there are modules like login, signup and contact-form which are totally based on components. Next, we have different pages like welcome, starter and landing page which are totally based on components and modules.


What we offer for our clients to design beautiful websites step by step.


UI-components' have different types based on colors, size and styles. PixelzUI offer three styles square, semi-rounded and rounded for UI components. It offer extra small to very large size for components like buttons, togglers & input controls.


UI-components' have classes which are used in HTML-DOM to design a responsive & compatible module or web page/template. Some classes define inner working of HTML elements in DOM, while others define colors, size and styles.


This section provides how to use different classes of specific UI-components in HTML-DOM. First of all illustration of specific classes and then its explanation in HTML code. It provides step by step HTML-DOM creation with the help of code snippets.


Each UI-component has demo section in which visual representation is provided. Demo is devided into three options based on size & style of component. For example, buttons' demo section offer square, semi-rounded, rounded, expanded & push buttons based on different colors and sizes.


Editor provides code editing for UI-components in three steps i.e., editor panel, dummy UI-component and code-segment. Editor panel allows you to modify classes, by clicking update button you can see effective UI-component and its HTML code in code-segment. Finally, click on copy button to copy the code and put it in your scripts.